Denver Aerial Stock Footage

4K Aerial stock footage of Denver available for purchase and download directly from Firegold Films.  All files are 4K ProRes 422 with no color grading.  For questions please email

Claudia G Fashion Catalogue - BTS

The year 2015 culminated with my second shoot for The Claudia G Collection in Houston, Texas.  Once again, the models were fantastic, and the team was stellar.  I brought in Noah Mittman of Snowman Films to operate his FS 700 on a steadicam to do what he does (mostly at 240 FPS for that nice slow-mo). 

New Look For 2016 Firegold Films

Hello and Happy New Year from Firegold Films!  Welcome to my new website!  The previous website was racking my nerves.  It was busy and over-done, as if I took a can of paint and splattered it on a canvas.  So I started from scratch.  This time around-- nice and clean, against a white background, with the intention of allowing the work to stand out and speak for itself, rather than the web design hogging all the attention.  Thus, here we are, with a constant work in progress, adding to my photography portfolios as I find time, combing multiple hard drives for the scattered photo fragments that compile a great deal of my work.  My television, aerial, and cinema show reels have been updated, edited, encoded, and uploaded to my Vimeo Channel and are now embedded here on the site for your viewing pleasure. 

One of the new features of my web platform, which I feel excited about, is the implementation of an online store, which includes Colorado stock video footage and stock photos, as well as both licensed digital and physical photo prints available for download and purchase.  The stock footage is fun for me, and I certainly wouldn't mind connecting with some local Colorado media outlets who might put my video stock footage to some good use right here at home!  That would be cool, and thus, I have just sent that intention out there into the vast universe.  (She always provides). 

The year of 2015 closed on many positive vibrations.  After a couple more trips to Alaska, where I shot segments for DIY Network's Building Alaska on Kodiak Island, Latouche Island, Hoonah Bay, and Wasilla, I shot the Spring Collection fashion catalog for The Claudia G. Collection down in Houston, which also included a promotional video shot by Noah Mittman (on his FS 700, which was chosen for its 240 FPS capabilities), and produced, directed, and edited by yours truly. 

The best part about this new year has nothing to do with work!  On New Years Eve, at Evergreen Lake, I proposed to my beautiful girlfriend, Katie Mae, who said yes, and thus, is now my fiance!  This year is marked by love, commitment, community, family, and success!  Wishing you all the same!  Peace, Love, Prosperity!

D.J. Dierker