Firegold Films

Denver video production company specializing in broadcast television, documentary film and professional photography in Denver, Colorado.

Firegold Films

Denver Video & Photography By DJ Dierker 

Based In Denver, Colorado • Raised Locally • Creating Globally


Firegold Films is a full service production company based in Denver, Colorado, owned and operated by D.J. Dierker who has over 20 years experience behind cameras, having worked on numerous films, docu-dramas, and television series for multiple television networks.  From large scale television and film productions to 'one man band' producer/shooter run and gun guerrilla style situations, D.J. Dierker is a creative spirit with a passion for storytelling and manifesting compelling imagery.  Realizing your vision from concept to completion:  From script and storyboard, to pre-production and production, and finalizing with color correction, sound design, and video encoding for web, television, theatrical, digital download or DVD.  We can provide crews and gear for all types of motion picture projects.

D.J. Dierker is also a Denver photographer specializing in still photography, including adventure, travel, wildlife, fashion, catalogue, runway, portraits, landscape, architecture, professional headshots, aerial photography and product photography.