DJ Dierker is a Director of Photography in Denver with services that include writing, directing, cinematography, editing, video encoding, and photography for all media.   

Creative History

My passion for storytelling began in first grade with my short story, "The Three Monsters." In high school I discovered the art of storytelling through visual media, as I proposed an extra credit video project to my AP History teacher. With a Panasonic VHS camcorder, utilizing toys, legos, models, and action figures as props, I depicted the key turning points of World War II. This lead me down a path that landed me at NYU Film School where I received an undergraduate degree in Film and Television with an emphasis on writing, directing, cinematography, and editing with the well rounded "Auteur" influence.  That is--  we do it all and we don't wait for Hollywood to say when. We get an idea, and we go shoot it. 

Though I learned my craft shooting on celluloid, and tend to lean towards the art of cinema vs. the consumer driven video market, I have embraced the digital age, because... why not?  Now more than ever we can tell our stories without waiting for the Hollywood green light.  And at the end of the day, that's my main objective... to tell compelling stories with mesmerizing images.

D.J. Dierker, Owner, Firegold Films LLC








[fahyuh r-gohld]


1.  A particular drink

Origin of Firegold

Nadsat lingo from a Clockwork Orange By Anthony Burgess