Creative History

The Path Of My Current existence

My first video project was created in high school when I proposed an alternative method of delivering a book report in my AP History class. With a Panasonic VHS camcorder, utilizing toys, legos, models, and action figures, I depicted the key turning points of World War II. The process inspired me to attend NYU Film School where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television Production. 

Next came Saturday Night Live, where I worked as a production assistant in the Commercial Parodies Film Unit under director Jim Signorelli.  Cast members included Chris Farley, David Spade, Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, Phil Hartman, and Norm MacDonald.  What a fun time that was!

My passion for visual storytelling has opened up doors into the world of documentary Television, a medium through which I have worked as DP, Camera Operator, Drone Operator, Director, and Field Producer.   

- D.J. Dierker, Owner, Firegold Films LLC.

[fahyuh r-gohld]


1.  A particular drink; (synthemesc) 

Origin of Firegold

Nadsat lingo from a Clockwork Orange By Anthony Burgess.   Thus, 'Firegold Films' is in homage to Anthony Burgess for writing one of my favorite novels, and of course to Stanley Kubrick, for creating the cinematic masterpiece of the same title.