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Voice Overs

by D.J.Dierker (Daniel Joseph)

D.J. Dierker (AKA Daniel Joseph, SAG AFTRA) has been a professional actor and voice over artist since 1995, lending his voice to multiple national network commercial TV and Radio campaigns, network promos, trailers, narration, and animation. His clients have included ad agencies like BBDO, Y&R, & Satchie & Satchie-- representing brands such as ABC Sports, ESPN, Frito Lay, Pizza Hut, Loreal, HGTV, HBO, ABC Family, Wheel of Fortune, and Cartoon Network. He has also performed voice matching duties for Tom Cruise, Matthew Broderick & Joaquin Phoenix. Please have a listen to the demos below. Daniel is available for in person sessions in the midwest, in addition to global MP3 delivery from his home studio. ISDN service upon request.